Monday, August 24, 2015

the pause in each breath

There has been a pause in these blog entries, during which time we have been taking a breath, making new projects, finishing some old ones, and preparing ourselves for the imminent inhale.

Meanwhile, the jungle goes on... the flowers of winter are giving way to the flowers of spring. The fruits are plumping up on the papayas that didn't freeze over winter.
The citrus flowers are perfuming the air (too bad this photo can't be a scratch-n-sniff.) 

And the ginger and tumeric roots are literally popping our of the ground, desperate to be harvested.
 The forest is also producing a rainbow of colors in all its hidden corners.
In the animal world of Mama Roja, Taca is still on the roam, now with parrot friends, a breakthrough! He still comes around everyday for his beakful of seeds and some cooing and coddling from Kim.

 The rabbits are turning out bunnies; the latest ones here in their fur-nest are Yin and Yang. 

The chickens' favorite time of day is still Happy Hour.

And we humans have been hard at work doing some remodels and fancying things up, with mud of course.
 The community kitchen got a new paint-plastering.
 And a new dish-washing sink...
 And a little Mexican tile and paint.

And since this winter has been fairly mild, we have been able to enjoy the river with our visitors and friends. River baths, waterfall dips, music circles, and more.

A "where's Rambo?" final shot:

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