Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Butterflies, Yoga, and Cycles of Renewal

So many fluttering friends as we transition through yet another season at Mama Roja.  The internship has just finished, the Yoga Retreat and Ceremony were beautiful experiences, and we are wrapping up the year with deep gratitude and prayers for all that is to come.  
Abundance in wing flutters:
Artichokes at the Chacra Suiza, our bi-annual tour to a well-established sustainable farm.

Chicha and her mini saying goodbye-- all the kittens have homes!
 The kitchen extension has a roof:
 Plastering the adobe walls:
 Plastering bliss in pantry spaciousness:

 Working on the arching doorway:

 Trees inside and out!

 Always room for more butterfly pictures.
 ...and flowers, starting to creep up and through the garden:

 Do butterflies do yoga?
 After a great class... ah, sweet shavasana.

Thank you Buena Onda and all the yoga participants!  Gorgeous time of sharing and learning!