Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fabulous February

We’ve had lots of rain this month (quite unusual for February) and are enjoying both rivers in full motion, as well as the big-bellied waterfall!

The internship is in full swing and sweet summer weather is blessing us with marvelous working temperatures. We are working, laughing, and singing our days away as we progress on several projects (including weaving sun hats from jungle vines and grass!):

The long-drop tower toilet:

Earthbag base,

with adobe walls, and double-sided collector holes for maximum use!

Arching openings in the base for collecting the finished compost.

The arches are only a day and half old and already strong enough to walk on!

In the garden we are able to do a lot of planting since we have so much rain and sunshine this month to nourish the seedlings. Plus, lots of renegade papayas add extra shade and provide excellent trellises.

The aloe bed gets sheet mulched.

A celebration of love for St. Valentine… orange coconut spice (vegan) cake served with sweet roselle orange juice! Mmmmmm.

And Marcelo has been keeping us all entertained with his abounding mushroom knowledge as he learns it from his cultivation class...