Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mud-tastic Transformations

So we trickle into winter, leaving a trail of mud-gumdrops behind us.  So many projects completed, and Mama Roja is as gorgeous as ever! 
 This is the new and improved castle bathroom, plastered up with love and smooth delight.
 Sweet gorgeous comfrey... she wanted to be photographed in all her glory.
 Mosaic over the community bathhouse sink.
 Yoga, plastering, and life lessons.  Balance and breath are essential.
 The second plaster coat on the House ont he Hill.  
 The fine-tuning on column plastering.
 The bedroom wooden floor-- complete!  Installed, sanded, painted, all by Marcelo.  Hermoso!!
Ghana-style dancing anyone?  Our interns learned a sweet (and silly) dance, complete with swingy-legged hand-flapping and bump-be-dump-de-dump-bump and beep-e-deep-e-dee-beeps. 
 A field trip to the Chakra Suiza and a good investingation of their bio-gas system just off their dairy. 
 Of course there was pizza night...
More Mexican sunflowers still popping up everywhere.
 Reforming one of the cabins of course is delicate work, so Rambo needs to stand guard at all times.
 The cabin was mud-prepped and painted red!
 The cabin's inhabitant, managing the yerba mate rounds while we work.
 The castle bathroom seems to have a permanent lady in waiting... literally.

 The life-sized scupltural creation-- a lady on the earthbag bench-- what's she waiting on?  Conjectures...?
Thank you to to the fabulous and fun interns who made these last few months a pleasure and an all-around fantastic experience.  Much love and light to you all on your journeys.  Besos!