Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Of Cows and Ducks.

True to the sub-tropical winter weather patterns, the butterflies are drying their new wings in the wave of heat that heaved in just after the frost.
We harvested the "culantrillo" (english name, anyone?) that was growing in the sweat lodge floor to make a tincture.  And of course we have had some winter sweats already... and quick dips in the river, oddly refreshing, and bursting with extremes.
Big news on the animal front... we are building a new animal sanctuary/barn/house.  We will be breaking ground this week!  And we now have a new black duck 9traded one of our white ones with a neighbor), who is refusing to be around the old aviary, except for breakfast, even though he has a gorgeous lady duck throwing him the flirtacious tale move and awfully long glances.  I think he thinks he found paradise swimming around in the waterfall pool. 
And our neighbors are loaning us their cows to help us clear our field for spring planting.  Elephant grass in, fertilizer out.  Good for everyone.

 And we get to milk the mama cow! 
 This means dulce de leche, cheese, and hot cocoa delights!
 That baby cow is cute, but he sure is Ornery... so that's what we named him.
 Fresh cut banana stems, the leafy greens frost-bit and turned into mulch.
 Which one's the duck egg and which is the chicken?
 Hey, we're not the only ones living in a mud house in the neighborhood. Except how'd they get theirs in a tree?

Bonus photo: My first view in the morning.  Full teets.