Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting Involved...

We welcome helping hands and good energy! 

Positions currently available:

Interns: If you are interested in a hands-on learning experience, we offer bi-annual internships that focus on skill-building in Earthen building, organic gardening, homesteading, and more! See the Calendar for program dates and application details.

Apprenticeship: A minimum stay of 3 months, helping out with the current projects, animal care, gardens, cooking and daily duties, etc. This is a great way to get hands-on experience with all aspects of sustainable, off-the-grid living, and creating your own projects. A good position for a couple, or two close friends. Must be responsible, independent, and mature, and have some experience in sustainable living.  Preference for Spanish-speakers, previous interns, and long-termers. To apply, write an introductory email about who you are and what your experiences have been and what you hope to gain from being involved at Mama Roja. 

Work-Traders/Volunteers: When we do not have a program or a retreat in progress, or when we have a specific project that needs work, we take people on for shorter term. Write to us for available dates and opportunities. 

Visitors: If you are in the area, and would like to come out to Mama Roja for the day, write us an email with at least a week's notice, or call us at 3755-450035.  We are happy to show you our projects and buildings, but please let us know before you come!

Other ways to enjoy Mama Roja:

Personal Healing: If you would like to come to Mama Roja to receive personal healing work or just to take a relaxing break in a beautiful place, we can help.  We offer personal Flower Essence Consulations, Reiki therapy, Yoga classes, massage, guided meditation, good healthy meals, and plenty of personal space to reconnect to yourself and the rhythm of nature.  We also offer Sacred Medicine Ceremonies for deeper healing work. 

Sacred Medicine Cleanses and Ceremonies A couple of times a year, Mama Roja has the priviledge of hosting healing rituals for people who are interested in spiritual reconnection, personal healing, and praying for loved ones. Ceremonies and medicine journeys have tremendous value for our Selves, the Earth, and all beings everywhere. Plant medicine is a gift from the natural world, and the ceremonial way in which we work with it is a gift from our ancestors. Taken with reverence and respect, these healing rituals can give us a glimpse of higher consciousness, help open and soften the heart, aid us in realizing our higher purpose, and help us find clarity and feel better.

Yoga Retreats: We offer bi-annual yoga retreats which focus on deepening one's yoga practice and bridging the practice with sustainable living skills.  We are also open to receiving groups and teachers who would like to host their own retreats.

Bringing Groups to Visit:  If you would like to  bring a group to visit the site, we would be happy to arrange a tour and educational talk.  We can also provide lunch or a snack, if desired.  Call ahead of time please, 03755-450035.  

Hosting a Group Retreat: Email or call us if you would like to bring out a group of people for a multi-day stay.  We have housing and community spaces available, and can prepare meals and other activities.  Contact us for more info.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wintertime Images

Winter in Misiones has been brief and lovely, and aside from a short break, activities around here have been hip and happening. Our friend and new neighbor Matias is getting set up, and we have helped him set up his teepee home.

Bamboo poles and a rainbow painted tarp. He's starting his farm life in style!
When the trees were abundant, we harvested bags full of Mandarina oranges:
And the garden: full of life and a few surprises...

The ninja-planted sunflowers poked their sneaky heads up just before a mini-cold spell:Oh, sweet amaranth, just before we harvested the grains for planting and popping:

And now we are in full swing for spring planting. Flats being prepped with peppers and tomatoes, and all their friends:
Lulu in her firepit lounge:

The farm foodies section: Here, grilled peppers 'n' eggs for the vegetarian barbeque option:
Homemade reeces experiment?:The Mandarinas converting to marmelade:

And a bit of earthen building, just the touch ups, to keep our hands muddy:
Roof work: Prepping our next building project