Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wintertime Images

Winter in Misiones has been brief and lovely, and aside from a short break, activities around here have been hip and happening. Our friend and new neighbor Matias is getting set up, and we have helped him set up his teepee home.

Bamboo poles and a rainbow painted tarp. He's starting his farm life in style!
When the trees were abundant, we harvested bags full of Mandarina oranges:
And the garden: full of life and a few surprises...

The ninja-planted sunflowers poked their sneaky heads up just before a mini-cold spell:Oh, sweet amaranth, just before we harvested the grains for planting and popping:

And now we are in full swing for spring planting. Flats being prepped with peppers and tomatoes, and all their friends:
Lulu in her firepit lounge:

The farm foodies section: Here, grilled peppers 'n' eggs for the vegetarian barbeque option:
Homemade reeces experiment?:The Mandarinas converting to marmelade:

And a bit of earthen building, just the touch ups, to keep our hands muddy:
Roof work: Prepping our next building project

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