Saturday, August 23, 2014

August Gifts

The threshold where the two world meet, Winter turns to Spring. The temperatures are rising, butterflies are crawling out of their cocoons, and flowers are saluting the sun with their open petals.

We are also celebrating the wonderful power of the sun.  Our solar cooker is providing us with gorgeous meals and treats. 
 Mmmm, perfectly moist and exquisitely delicious sun-cooked cake. (Yes, we're bragging.)
 We use the sun-cooker everyday (that it doesn't rain), and everything just tastes better! Even our chicken's golden gifts are more flavorful sun-fried.
Not to lose balance of important driving forces, there is also the power of Water, which has been very present this rainy winter.  Here is Taca modeling his/her new stick-perch by our house, passing the overnight rainstorm huddled under a banana leaf, meditating no doubt.
 Pre-soaked seeds on their way to the gardens.
 The humidity in the air also gives rise to such pleasures as fungi:
 They are just so pretty!
 By the rivers, the flowers dance and burst.
But... the evil elephant grass is also celebrating the rain.  We are clearing it out of the field, and we have high hopes that this will be the year of eradicating it completely, so that our crops can thrive without being choked out by its dark selfish forces.
We are also steadily working on several other projects. Here, we've broken ground on the new cabin planned to built with mud and love with our incoming interns:

Other happenings: the calendulas are stretching open in the medicine gardens:
 And some final photos of what's around:

 We love Plantain!