Monday, July 28, 2008

The way in...

Over the clouds, through the woods, to Mama Roja we go!

Heading out the first time, we got a little stuck, and were initiated into the "red mud club". We are working on improving the road...

Just the beginning...

Marcelo´s dad, Mingo, making our dry compost toilet in his Buenos Aires workspace.

The finished compost toilet installed in our tool shed/shitter-- and to honor the maker, we call it "the Mingo".

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The inaugural blog

Hail to the great gods of gelatinous jungle madness!! We´ve begun the adventure, and I don´t need spectacles to see the wild red muddy road we´re on. I´m already starting to understand why blood, sweat, and tears are such a literary triage--and we´ve only just begun! But I´d be lying if i said it wasn´t marvellous...
We´ve been clearing over-grown brush and spikey-viney gnarled weeds in order to untangle the hidden magnificence of this place. We´ve seen majestic multi-colored birds, found fruit trees and surprising flowers, come upon crooked necks in the river that will make excellent swimming holes come summer. And yes, we´ve been startled by the appearance of a few inquisitive snakes and big hairy spiders.
Everyday is delicious discovery.
Everyday we laugh at new jungle wonders.
Everyday we work till the sweat stings our eyes.
And everyday I find out just how little I know. I have moments that I have to stop and check myself for sanity: Am I crazy to be carving a life out of this strange green wild? Maybe. Am I happy trying? Extremely.