Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Marvelous March Mud Mushrooms

The Internship continues with a wild ride through March. We have been working on many projects throughout the month, always learning and growing.
Why can't we wear mud too? If it's good enough for the walls...
The "rainbow" sheet mulch garden going in. Later planted with pineapples, radishes, cucumbers, and some flowers too.

Loofahs getting ready for scrubbing our backs. The rest of the garden is gorgeous too.
Mushroom watch-out and identification.
Gotta make use of the rainy days. Making medicinal balms......and peanut butter on its way.Monkey, our kitten, of course is the hardest worker of all. So many laps, so little time.

The micro-hydro dam. We have started with sand bags to seal off one section fromt he river water.

Digging down to encourage the water to move around our sandbags, not under.Stomping them into place.
We took a ride down the road one evening to join a local protest against the giant dam "Garabi" that the Argentine and brasilian governments want to put in on the Uruguay river, which will flood many people out of their homes, destroy a lot of land, and cause an ecological catastrophe in a large portion of Misiones. The children at the protest were the most adamant, and for good reason, simce they stand to lose their family houses, their schools, and even their heritage.
At the building site, the house on the hill, with lots of helping hands to put up the plaster.
The first layer of plaster over the adobe bricks.
Also, the roof is framed for the second half of the house. For the future, of course...
Marcelo and the mud tree.
The inside plastering gets smoothed out as we finish up the second coat.
Car windows and cob to close off the top of the house.
Almost finished up there...

Our field trip to the Chacra Suiza. As usual, a rewarding experience. Here is a group shot over the "hot bed" prepped for winter planting.

And our parting bonus shot: Caught by surprise after a day of work...