Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wild and Precious

Summer is trickling to an end, and as usual, the butterflies are soaking up the sweet nectars.
 Flowers abound, even the giant bananas are hanging their blooms.
When we are not lost in our siesta dreams or soaking in the river, we have been working on the new cabin with our kooky interns.

 Adobe walls going up....

Fermenting is always a great summer activity: all those yeasts are partying it up in this heat! Here our ginger bug for homemade ginger beer, and a roselle flower ferment for exquisite and refreshing juice.

 Ginger flower in the gardens...
 Tumeric flower...
 Santa Lucia flower with guest...

Other activities:
Here's our new sweat lodge/ temascal getting its bamboo frame tied together.

The cob-n-bottle wall in the new chicken coop/rabbit apartments.  Excellent recycling project!
Speaking of rabbits, here we are tanning some hides. We plan to make some crafts with the furs, so we can really use the whole animal.

 The wood counter top goes into the house on the hill.
 Churning out oodles of our favorite snack, peanut butter!
 Mama Rabbit birthed 5 more little cuties.
The garden is fairing okay, considering the rain and intense sun of this season. The grasshoppers still think everything is delicious.  Now we start planting again!