Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Winter Away!

Winter is waning, which means fast and giant rainstorms and hot wind pushing cold wind which swirls into manic fronts of flying leaves and floating bird feathers. We are keeping ourselves quite busy getting ready for the upcoming Internship. Much to be done with fixing up the buildings, preparing the new fruit orchard and working in the gardens.

We have been soil-minded lately, making lots of piles of compost for our spring beds (leaf mold, grass clippings, micro-organisms, etc) and digging up our ginger and tumeric. The animals are fabulous, and the chickens eggs-traordinary.
And there has been a good deal of baking going on here. Favorite jungle winter cookie ingredients: coconut flakes, dried cranberries (thanks Danielle!!!), sesame seeds (from our friend's harvest), Ecuadorian cacao (from the street markets of Quito) and mandarin orange rind (from our trees). Mmmmmm...
Bonus Shot: Amanita and Conan in their favorite morning spot-- in sunshine on poncho on Kimberly.