Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Flowers poking their heads out of the jungle, butterflies flitting about, gardens getting planted, mud forming into buildings... it's spring at Mama Roja!
The flutterers are about, as are the creepy-crawlers in all their magnificent outfits dressed up for the springtime parade..
Our new kitchen is getting lots of use! We didn't paint the walls yet, but that rich red-brown is it's own lovely color.
The pantry: lime-painted, and full of preserves (and more coming.)
Look closely for the bird in one of his favorite observation spots.
And look for the cat in her sneaky watch-spot...
It was a rainy winter, and it is proving to be an equally rainy spring. So, our interns are in full workshop mode, here making papaya jam and peanut butter. Sandwiches for lunch?
Lemoncello and orange-lemoncello on their way! 
Out of the kitchen, into the jungle: New composts and worm bins set up for all organic donations.
Gathering flowers and other herbs for our skin-tastic salves.
The gardens are growing! We recently opened up a new spot higher up in the valley where we are putting in lots of beds and plants.
Hugelkulture joy!
Our neighbors have been helping us harvest the yerba mate and prep the fields for crop planting.
In between the yerba goes the mandioca, peanuts, and even some tumeric. Later, we'll add in some sable beans for nitrogen, and some experimental quinoa.
It's a mandioca hoe-down!
One of our many  visitors: this one's eyeing the loquats and other high-growing tree fruits.
Careful where you land, little friend.  That's our meal table!
Mushroom delights after all these rain storms.  The fascinating world of forest fungi!
But we can't just frolic in the woods all day! We have a cabin to construct. Here's the roof frame going up up up...
And the stem walls (with bamboo rebar) for the adobes going on top.
The adobe bricks lining up on that gorgeous red floor.  The walls are on their way!
Bonus shots:
Looking closely at the trees, there are so many things growing...
... the trees are full of life...
A match made in heaven: Taca and Josephine teaching each other to dance and draw.

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