Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Summer Sonnets: of Birds, Kitties, and Flowers

The dawg days of summer, the jungle humidity, the refreshing river, the squeak of the hammock.  Not a lot to do 'round here in the summer, except watch the plants press their life force into flowery blooms, observe yet another batch of kittens crawling into the world, and rehabilitate forest fauna, like a Parrot.
So, this is Maitaca, or "Taca."  He is our latest community member, having come to us via pure jungle luck.  While opening a trail to a new bathing spot in the river, Kim heard a "squawk" and saw a flapping green blur on the ground under the leaves, which turned out to be Taca, a baby Scaly-headed Maitaca Parrot.  He couldn't really walk, much less fly, but he was so darn cute, and something in those beady little bird eyes said "save me..." So, we hand fed him for a week or so before he settled down and started eating all on his own.  We fashioned a roomy cage for him, complete with ladders and a rope swing.  We sang to him, rocked him in the hammock, did exercises to strengthen his little legs and wings... not that any of this is official bird etiquette, but with the sparse advice the vet gave us and some inventions of our own, we are proud to say he is a changed bird!    
Talk about a quick recovery!  Now he eats, walks, flies, talks... everything but tap dance, but we're working on the circus tricks... 
And by a wonderful turn of events, he is totally cage-free, flying in from the jungle (still working on his landing aim), and just comes to see us when he wants food or company. 

Also introducing: the new kittens (yes, 4 more!) that Chicha birthed right under everyone's feet in the patio.  She snuck in her love affair with the neighbor's tomcat right around the holidays, and so there's more little furballs than ever now.  We keep talking to her about the benefits of celibacy, but she just doesn't listen...
It's the usual kitty-in-the-firewood-box shot.  But kitsch is cool, right?
The kitties are making friends with Lulu.  This is very progressive for Lulu, who has been working on her fear of small mobile creatures that she knows she shouldn't eat. 
 Some of the gang lounging and chatting.  (We're gonna miss you!)
Flowers abound: even in this heat (or maybe especially) there are delightful blooms everywhere...

 Loofas and squashes of all sorts on the way...
 Butterflies just can't get enough Mexican sunflowers...

 Itty bitty garden blooms hosting curious ants.
This is a two-part tumeric flower... Part 1:
 Part 2:
 Put your feet up, and see what the aromas might attract.
 We're bananas for bananas.

 Even in the summer, the clouds rest easy in our valley.
Bonus shot: Meghan tries to learn Spanish from Maitaca, but he's already surpassed her level...

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