Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The blues and greens of spring

 Spring is finally here.  Pollinators abound...
 And the jungle is breathing sweetly.

 The trees are budding nips of life-vibrant green.
And we've added some trees to the forest too.  We planted fruiting and flowering trees inbetween the adolescent native trees.  Food forest on it's way!

Kim and Marcelo's bedroom is finally plastered, planted and sealed! This picture is of the closet wall freshly clay-and-starch painted, and the wood sticking out is for the built-in shelves. (Better photos to come, with us installed.)
 The internship has started, and the soil is brewing.  New pallet-walled compost to complete the circle, feeding our relationship to the land.
 And speaking of earth, we're back at the mud-stomping.
Laying adobes for the kitchen expansion and walk-in pantry!
The gardens: full of blooms...

 ...and worms!

 Bonus photos: Curious friends.
 Copulation on crystals.

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