Monday, April 30, 2012


What a busy month!! Flowers and ducks and mud houses and all!  Whew!
We got ducks!!!  A happy couple to waddle our delight (and eat up the grasshoppers in our garden.)

 The House on the Hill got a floor...

and doors and windows too!
...and then we moved into it!  Pardon the moving chaos.

The happy couple: LadyDuck and Pato
Lulu loves the ducks too!

This is the corn we harvested, dried, and nixtamalized into corn tortillas.

Mmm.. eating those corn tortillas for our Mexican fiesta! 

Finishing up the internship, we painted the Cosmic Cabin, emphasizing its natural cosmic glow.
The garden-- lots of plantlings in the ground and many winter crops starting to poke up their heads.
Bonus Photo:  Squash Peace.  A garden harvest.

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