Monday, December 26, 2011

The Glories of Roofing

And so the roof goes up! The adobe house on the hill is now topped with a glorious and beautiful sombrero, put up with sweat and love!
Up, up, and up...

Outside west-facing patio. What great wood-work!!
Looking toward the future library-kitchen and bathroom.
Go team techo! These roof-monkeys were a real asset on those hard to reach edges.

Looking down from the roof into the bathroom. Bottle walls, niche, built-in shelves, bathtub hole... its got it all.
Still groovin-and-tonguing!

After the woodwork on the roof, we made an insulation layer of muddy straw.
Wood, a layer of plastic, then the mud-straw mix.
Roof with view!
A break in the wheel barrow, with Rambo soaking up the love.That's our roof!

Now the trapezoidal metal sheeting.

The future looks bright, but shaded!


jonnyblog said...

i want to be there!

Gabrielle Jeromy said...

My heart sings for joy every time I encounter people who are involved in sustainable development. Using a mix of mud and straw for the roof is quite similar to the old method of mixing tree branches and mud. It's an idea which is also used in adobe buildings. One more thing, it's great that the surroundings are filled with the beauty of nature. It's an environment where you can breathe fresh air.

Travel And Tourism said...

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Noreen Mayweather said...

I know that it has been over a year since you posted this, but I’m still amazed at the whole project. The layer of plastic and mud-straw mix is brilliant, as it adds more protection and insulation to the roof. And, I commend the teamwork and camaraderie that you displayed. :)