Monday, November 28, 2011

The House on the Hill

And up it goes...

The house on the hill is blooming in our muddy hands.
The living room...
The water level reveals the truth of our good work.
On-site trees recycled into scaffolding to get those tall walls up.
Columns add support between windows, and a touch of buttress-flare to the structure.
The joy of being a mud builder!

Sweet plaster days of joy.
The mud is irresistible!
The bathroom... bottle installation in the shower, for light and a view!
Earthen building is surprisingly easy, and fun!
On the ladder to greatness.
Side view with improvised roof-- rain protection?
The kitchen bottle wall between the window openings.
A tribute to the many buckets of mud toted and built with. Nice hauling!

In a bathroom plaster bliss...
The finishing details on the structure... in progress!

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Eric said...

She are very nice and happy people! God bless what she want out of this life.Best wishes from Azerbaijan. Eric