Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ah, Sweet Spring...

The equinox is upon us, and spring is in full swing! Flowers everywhere, the greening jungle, life abounds!

In the garden: gorgeous calendulas, fa-fa-fa-fava beans, fattening carrots, peas (still!), renegade cilantro, and more being seeded right now! The flats are full and spring plant-lings are popping up.
Food for the gardens: our delicious compost, sifted with love and worms!
We added fresh topsoil, a bit of sand (since our soil is so clay-rich), hardwood sawdust from the local mill, and two types of compost, plus some homegrown liquid microorganisms.
Aye! spicy peppers-- ones that didn't die back over the winter and are STILL flowering...
We've been keeping busy in the kitchen: making wild plantain balm, camphor infused oil, peanut butter, yogurt and kefir, and many sweets (of course!)
Skyler with his handmade tin can rocket stove-- only small twigs required! And it heats mate water fast!
Bonus shot: Life everywhere.
More photos coming soon...!

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