Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Mud-ness

Oh the muddy days of February have led us right into the muddy days of March... Mud on the walls, our feet, our faces, our whole bodies! Yes, work IS play!
Okay, the work part looks like this:

The wooden cabin is getting transformed into a bonafide mud abode.

And the long drop tower toilet or the "throne" has stairs now. Next step, the top story, or the royal quarters. That will be April's project.

The gardens are also sprouting up...
... and inviting friends...
... and more friends in the forest...
Transplanting peppers under the papayas:
Making medicinal balms on rainy days:
Harvesting peanuts in between the mandioca and sweet potatoes:
The mud oven got inaugurated! An exquisite pizza party and lots of fun around the fire. Other fantastic news... we now have a washing machine! And the best part is that is doesn't require electricity! A little pedalling from the bike seat and some buckets of water from the river and --voila-- mud-free clothes!

Bonus photo: Leafy Butterfly.. how do you spot this one in the jungle?

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Dustin Kirkland said...

Oooh, mud... That looks like so much fun!!! :-)