Monday, January 24, 2011

Summer Superb

Sweet summer days-- refreshing mornings in the garden, long hot afternoons in the river. We are in between programs right now so we have been creative with our free time-- that is to say, hammocking, reading, and taking time to relax and create other projects.
Between visitors and hammocking, we have been slowly building our bread oven:

The adobe bricks were macheted to size.

The body is igloo-shaped with stacking bricks in an upward growing dome curving in on itself. The front will be a double arch over the door and a chimney spout to go over the top and out the back.

Mingo, Marcelo's father (almost 80 years old!), was here to help out... or rather boss us around! :)

Plastering with a horse poop and mud mix, with some smooth stones for décor.Now to just let it dry a bit, then we can light it up for fresh baked goodies!
We laso took a few trips around Misiones. Here we are in O´paybo (school for natural health) in Alem testing and prepping for a future workshop to transform a wood plank shed into a luxurious mud composting bathhouse.

Many birds around... this variety of toucan is particularly noisy and likes to watch us work from the treetops. (This fellow in the picture, however, lives in the bird park and was very photogenic-- notice the galiant pose. The wild ones aren´t this friendly.)

This fruit is a from a guembe (split-leaf philodendron)-- when it is totally ripe it tastes like custard heaven, but don't bite down on the seeds or you'll get one heck of an itchy throat!

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