Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November went by fast!

What a wonderful and good working month, shared with lovely people and good times!

The gardens are gorgeous ! We have a new shade structure to block out some of the hot sub-tropical summer sun, and so far the veggies are loving it.

…mmm, such delicious harvests…

We also put in the floor of the Cosmic Cabin. Last steps before its ready to live in!

Touching up the community bathhouse with natural paints.

Our day of Giving Thanks… with deep gratitude for good people and fun energy…

We spent a weekend in a Permaculture course held at O´PAYBO school for natural healing in a neighboring town here in Misiones. (That’s where the peacock in the first picture lives…) Gracias Elda por toda la informacion y buena energia!

Kitten Update, as promised: fat and rowdy, and cuter than ever.

Bonus: Can anyone identify these mushrooms?

1 comment:

subkoman said...

Beautiful pictures!!!
Are this shroomies Pomberos' poop?
much love to you folks