Monday, May 24, 2010

Misiones Gets Dirtier!

Winter in the subtropics is upon us and we are keeping ourselves busy working with our fellow Misioneros and getting dirty! We have been attending and hosting workshops in Earthen building and organic gardening specific for Misiones.

In the Chacra Suiza, we discussed the details of a biodigestor and saw a functioning system (20 years old!)

In El Hormigero, we helped in the first of a series of workshops on Earthen building. We did a patch up on an existing building with a straw-mud mix over a bamboo structure.

At the top of our hill in our village, we hosted a workshop in how to convert a simple wooden house (common here in Misiones) into an Earthen house, which will be more insulated for both winter and summer temperature extremes, cheap and fun to do, and beautiful to live in and look at. Just in time for this family of 4 and the winter cold that is sure to follow the current rain.

(Some of you that have been here might recognize the house as Claudio´s, next to the bamboo bar!)

We added scrap wood to the walls to help support the weight of the mud-pine needle mix.

In two days of beautiful weather, we were able to get the first and thickest layer up. It was quite the community gathering, with lots of curious onlookers from the village, and some others who stopped by and jumped in the mud too!

First layer up, only the plaster and paint to go! Thanks to all helping hands!

More photos to come... and future projects too!