Saturday, April 11, 2009

Plowing, Snakes, and Dirty Feet

This is a quick note.... more photos to come, and the real updates on our hard work and growing progress too. For the curious and the desperate for long-overdue Mama Roja news, here's the skinny.

Well, the well is still being tick-tick-ticked and knock-knock-knocked. It is coming, so says Marcelo, and one day we will be thankful for the generous spring beneath us... Right now, it is a project we do on the side, when we aren't doing ten thousand other things...And we've plowed one field with Claudio's bueyes (oxen) and are prepping it for a nice planting of oats, amaranth, and other grains.

In order to clear the field of Elephant Grass (the blessed and pesky weed), there was some serious handfuls of burnt leftovers to get out of the plow's way. Dirty legs and bodies, and soon to be beautiful earth growing grains.And the milk is still a-flowin'. Thanks to Paloma and her super teets, we are full bellied on dulce de leche, flan, and other sweet milky treats.
And there was that one snake (a pit viper) that crossed us in the jungle, that Claudio killed, and the Slovac kid ate... A rare event, but true... and well, I guess okay with Mama Roja. Circle of life, and first experiences?
Photo bonus... more mantis love!

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Wesley said...

Goodness! do be careful around those snakes! I know that i'll go chase em down but thats because im ten minutes away from a hospital and modern medicine, nto the middle of the rainforest :P

oh and thank you for sending Amy back to us, i was so happy to see her a few days ago, i walked up to Starbucks and she greeted me with a string of spanish/portuguese that i barely understood haha