Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Towards the Within... and Green Bugs too

There were lots of butterflies around this week. They especially like our toes (and the uric acid left on the ground after peeing.)

So...... The wooden cabin is framed... that´s Kim standing in the loft.

And it´s crowned with an aluminum roof...
... this week we will put in the floor, and start thinking about walls, windows, (a) door, etc.

We also installed our Cool Box for storing our veggies below ground, thus keeping them fresh and bugless. Yup, it´s an old refrigerator, sassied up with anti-rust paint (Marcelo picked the color) and stuck in a giant hole by the kitchen. So far so fresh!

What did we do with all that dirt from the hole, you ask? Why, we built an earthbag wall with it, of course! It´s a lovely arching halfwall in the kitchen, which protects us from the raindrop drips splashing in from the forest trees, and makes a nice sitting bench/earthbag yoga stretcher. This week we will plaster it with straw, lime, and love!

Bonus photo: this is a snapshot of the Rio Uruguay, which is the big river into which the little rivers at Mama Roja eventually run. It also divides Brasil from Argentina. This was the viewspot on the way to do Kim´s border run. We also saw toucans munching berries and a giant hollowed-out tree so big that you could do yoga in it!!

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